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The topic hasn’t come up again since and at this point, I am just about ready to give him an ultimatum- either he proposes or I’m leaving.

I’m also thinking of just getting him a ring at this point just to move this thing along!

Also, I think it would be in your best interest to relax and wait for him to propose marriage to you. Aside from him probably feeling insulted by the gesture, can you imagine if he did go for it?

Every time you have an argument he’d think back to how he felt coerced into marriage and pressured by you. If you get impatient, it’s going to block your ability to be empathetic and understanding towards him.

Every man has heard countless stories about men getting screwed in divorce settlements.

Outraged as many may be, critics and their eco-conscience friends might pause before deciding to chain themselves to a forest of Scandinavian trees, the company has a sustainability plan for all this wood.

plows through 150,000 loose cubic yards of pine saw dust every single day.

This in addition to the spruce trees thrown into massive wood chippers, that combine with the saw dust and a vile glue-like mixture containing synthetic urea to make the particle board.

I tend to be a risk-averse guy, so I’m not in hurry to get married.

All the nice parts of marriage sound nice to me, but the prospect of divorce sounds awful…

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