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She must've been so horny too, because she asks me if I want to put my dick inside of her! Elena is so sexy and makes me so hard that I explode the biggest load I ever have inside her pussy!

In any case, I don't know where Lily came from in this clip, did they have another room?I didn't think she wanted anything to do with me like that anymore. There was no way our Mom had really told her that story.She gets up and starts taking her clothes off slowly, showing off her body to me, asking me if I remember her tits. She never had sex with our Uncle, it was crazy to even think about it. My little sister is sitting in front of me with her legs spread, begging me to touch her.I tell her all my friends think she's smokin hot and ask if I can look at her instead.She shows me her tits and says don't make it weird, but it's just not enough for me. She hesitates at first, but she finally takes her panties off and shows me.Soon she gets naked too and starts playing with my dick with her hands and even her mouth, sucking and spitting on it.She evens turns around and rubs it on her ass and pussy, careful not to let it slip in cause that might be weird.She's wearing these short shorts and makes it a point to mention that mom and dad aren't home.She asks me in a cute, shy voice if I want her to jerk me off.He's a little surprised Lily isn't wearing panties at all. She says no, they can't do it anymore, she's got a boyfriend now. When she freaked out and woke up, she started yelling at me and I asked her if we could just do it again.He touches her and lifts her shirt up, and fingers her. Bro then whips out his dick and fucks Lily from behind. Then I tell her I'll tell Mom and Dad about us fucking and that's the only way it'll stop.

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