Adult dating in wayne illinois

"They let me sit in Tulsa County Jail for almost a month because they forgot to file paperwork," said Jackson Nichols."It took extreme measures for someone to call and harass them and finally they sent it out and I got out." Jackson was cleared as a possible suspect in Megan's disappearance.And when the girl's mother found out, Jackson was charged with two counts of non-violent sexual assault.But over a decade later, when he's pulled over for a traffic ticket, Jackson got a big surprise."At the very end of the video, after she disappeared from it, a few moments later you could see this car pulling out." According to Kathy Jo, Fairfield Police claim there was no car in the video, and Megan's parents haven't seen it since that fateful day.

Megan hadn't been gone for long, so there was nothing police could immediately do. "Knowing my daughter like I know my daughter, if those were going to be her last words to me, it wouldn't have been those words." Kathy Jo says a friend tells her to check bank accounts.

"The last images of Megan were from this ATM surveillance video," said Kathy Jo.

"It showed her riding her bike up to the bank, withdrawing money.

But according to friends and family, he was in another relationships with a different girl at the same time.

They say it was a good old-fashioned love triangle. "He's using her and you, and you're done, you're 15, he's 18, this is over.

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