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Eighty foreign killers are exploiting the chaotic asylum system to set up home in Britain, it was revealed yesterday.

The convicted murderers from Albania have been given British passports despite being officially listed as 'wanted' by Interpol.

Most slipped across the Channel from Calais to Dover hidden in the back of lorries on ferries.

They used bogus names and false papers to claim asylum, often pretending to be from the war-torn Balkan republic of Kosovo.

This Bible is in the public domain in the United States.

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Chris Grayling, Shadow Home Secretary, said: 'The Home Office has consistently been warned about undesirables entering our country both legally and illegally, yet they seem not to have a grip on it. I have been living in Myanmar for 1 year and the other year sp.. Hi, I'm Antonin, coming from the beautiful romantic city of Prague, in Czech Republic, I love all kinds of art, love nature and discovering new cultures.Their lawyers often claim they will suffer human rights abuse on their return, or that trials in their absence were unfair because they could not give their side.The situation is even more complicated if they have become British citizens.My grandfather was an RAF officer in the war with Benes. , not over 170cm or 64kg, I only go out with women whose hair is black or brown or blonde or grey or red or dyed some weird color. Above is a feeding station for refugees in Calais (file picture) The police chief said the criminals have been allowed to stay even though the Albanian government has informed the Home Office of the true identities of the men and their crimes, which also include rape and robbery.Many of the convicted criminals have been living in the UK for up to ten years and have started new families here.While the Home Office is prepared to do nothing about this, we will introduce a dedicated UK police force to secure our borders.' A Home Office spokesman last night refused to respond to the Albanian police chief's allegations that criminals from his country were being given British citizenship even though their past was known.I am interested in meeting a cultured young lady from Czech republic.

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