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I agree that it depends on what you have discussed during the conversations.

If you are emailing and im-ing and both say it is exclusive then perhaps you should stick to your word.

For others, maybe like someone you speak of in your post, their perspective may be different.

They may see Internet dating sites as a way of sort of dating someone, or getting to know someone on a more intimate sort of level, so they think all interactions should be one on one and exclusive. I think everyone should talk to whomever they choose to talk to, whenever they choose to talk to someone.

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I am in contact with a few men here at POF, from the First email/chat I clarify our definitions that we each have on our profiles. Example: "Who was that, who were you talking to, why didn't you answer the phone?Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your i'm emailing and im ing a woman......i supose to be only dedicated to that woman....i had been communicating to a certain woman, nothing heavy , just light conversation......i told her that i was going to a p o f local party, she is not local, she deleted all our emails like she was cutting of all connections...i'm on a dating site, shouldn't i be able to converse with other women.......isn't that what this site all about.....thankswell I will tell you from what I have i haven't been to any so I wouldn't know for sure..many pof parties become hook up parties, with people going to get sex..from many different people. Or maybe she lost interest, or someone better came along..maybe she did t hink you were only talking to her. If a guy screws up in the slightest way in an email it's no big deal ,no loss, move on.i guess it depends on how she's interpreted your 'interest' in hermaybe, just maybe, she saw herself as the possible one for you and was hoping it would progress into a date if that's the case, going to a pof party suggests you've lost interest in her since pof parties are for people looking for a meet didn't invite her, or did you?Now those are the ones in my cities, and I've been told that by folks who have been but again, I can't verify. Some men get PO'd if they think i'm talking to other men..usually i have a few chat friends, and then one guy I'm more serious about. She probably assumed you were looking at other women on the site, like you said... From my point of view as a woman, I know I don't want to hear about your interests in other women. I think everyone has their own idea and expectation of Internet dating sites.Different people read into different situations differently, though, so always talk about it. I have never been to one...maybe you could try to message her and ask her if that is the problem?Perhaps she got her nose outta joint because you didn't ask her if she were going to attend the Po F party.It's not about having options, just not jumping in too soon. The site is about meeting several people so you can decide WHO you want to date, if anyone.Getting to know others takes time~ which is what I do when I date~ I get to know others. If she got all hysterical over you going to a Po F party, imagine what would happen if you were out somewhere and you said hello to a woman you know?The picture will be uploaded to the Welcome page of your login area under the heading "Verification files" for your consideration and download.(Verifications will remain for 10 days and then will be removed) (Gold and Platinum members receive discounts) Important Requirement for all Verfications: All "verifications" require evidence that the lady is actually interested in corresponding with you.The letter is then given to one of our trusted local agency partners to interpret and deliver to your lady. So you can easily access each others profile's while you are writing your letters to each other.2. Have the lady come to the office and take a picture of her with your letter in hand.Although we have a personal relationship with every agency that provides us with some of the ladies on our site, we understand that you may want more than just our word that our system of translation and delivery of your letters is legitimate. At your request, we will require that our agencies verify for you that your lady is actually the one receiving your letter in one of the following ways: When you correspond with women using our service, there is a picture of you and the lady you are corresponding with at the top of every letter you send and receive. The picture's at the top of the letter are also used as proof that the lady has indeed received your letter and knows who you are.

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