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3) Vertical recharge can not be too low or He will volatilize, which will lead to problems unless ASW is correctly assumed or adjusted.Because atmospheric helium often is contributed to an aquifer during recharge, allowing for this contribution is critical for sound research design.If the local crustal composition can be reasonably approximated, the contribution from this source can be tailored to an individual study (see Torgersen and Clarke 1985, reference section).Often, surface water (i.e., that which is in equilibrium with the atmosphere) is used as a proxy for the average atmospheric concentration (as in Castro et al. Disadvantages of He for groundwater analysis, the following problems must also be considered: 1) many assumptions need to be made about the aquifer of concern, including: · distribution of isotope-producing rock types within the aquifer (i.e., U, Th, and Li-bearing assemblages) and, therefore, some idea of the He production rate in the rock · efficiency of isotope transfer from rock to water · duration of rock-fluid contact · porosity · subsurface fluid movement 2) The light nature of the atom makes diffusion a serious, hard-to-quantify problem.(described below): This is currently a research method only, and is usually not available commercially.(See Environmental Tracer Group, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University) (See also USGS Reston Chlorofluorocarbon Laboratory) (See also University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science for more information) He is radiogenic and abundant in the hydrosphere, particularly in aquifers that contain appreciable amounts of minerals rich in its parent isotopes.It is generated within the earth's crust and mantle by the decay of He of a sample can be measured.This provides quantitative age determinations discussed below.

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Terrestrial planets have a compact, rocky surfaces, and Venus, Earth, and Mars each also have an atmosphere.Each sample holder accommodates 43 of those packages.Most people will associate this part of the analysis as the “most scientifically-looking” one.A simple example of this relationship is: [He] = He are known.In order of size, they are: the earth's crust; the earth's mantle, and the atmosphere.Each niobium package is being heated with a laser beam, which extracts the within the zircon crystal accumulated helium atoms (those packages start glowing because of the heat).The niobium package itself is basically free of any helium.In order to apply an important analytical correction to the analysis later, the dimensions of these tiny (10’s to 100’s μm’s) crystals need to be measured.Zircon crystals usually crystallise as cuboids with a pyramid each at the top and the bottom. The with zircons filled niobium tubes/packages then are being mounted onto a sample holder, again under the microscope.The general analytical procedure is somewhat similar to that when I used to shoot with a laser directly on zircons to measure their U-Pb isotopic compositions, but appears to be a lot more delicate.Following a very crude summary of the steps: Extracting raw zircon crystals from a rock involves a number of techniques (mechanical crushing, sieving, magnetic separation, hand picking; in the same order), but I’d like to focus more on what has to be done here in the lab.

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