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As the previous writer said, what trumps all the good-guy lingo is hatred of the civilization whose success belies the ideology of the left: America. And I will believe that George Bush is a fascist the day that Noam Chomsky goes to jail. The Democratic Party lost their way, abandoned their principles, abandoned liberalism for squishy moral relativism, and lost their will to fight somewhere in the jungles of Vietnam....mind-numbing combination of moralism and nihilism. You've witnessed the incoherent core of Marx in action, Stephen. TRAITOR is a strong word, but wholly acurate in the correct context.Those crummy arguments cannot be why leftists oppose the war; they're not stupid.There must be other, extra-logical motives for their opposition to it. Well, for a Marxist, Berman makes a surprising amount of sense.

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But I appreciate you posting it here as well it must be discussed even if some so-called "liberals" still want to dismiss it.That voice is embodied in the National Security Strategy of the U. We cannot, we should not promote liberal democracy through illiberal means.S., in the payoffs to other fascist states, in the spying on U. members, in the low troops levels, in deteriorating peace in Afghanistan, in the cowboy diplomacy that alienated Europe, and in the arrogant refusal to, heretofore, let the U. Berman is fond of stark choices that have easy oucomes: either Hussein stays and the terror continues or he goes and the terror stops. I see Hussein gone, but I see Karimov, Musharraf, and Ghadfi unthreatened.If I vote for the Democrat, I'll have to hold my nose to do it as well.Today's Democrats share more foreign-policy-ground with Pat Buchanan when it comes to interventionism. I very much appreciate that he opposes fascism and especially the dictatorships in the Middle East. But I also feel that wars are serious business and the manner in which they're prosecuted has consequences.This is, simply, no way to win the victories for the liberty both Berman and I want.If we only rule by force, we'll only achieve change by force.Do I vote domestic policy or do I vote foreign policy? I agree, to the core, that Hussein's regime needed to be taken out. After WW I, Wilsonian idealism swept through Europe ... The rest of the world's leaders paid it lipservice and then did whatever they wanted.Kiss goodbye Civil Unions, a Woman's Right to Choose, and Responsible Fiscal Policy or stomach cowardice in the War on Terror. In the end, the United Kingdom couldn't manage to set up liberal governments in the Middle East and couldn't guarantee any sort of peace.According to Marx, all moral values are a ruse concocted by economic forces in order for the ruling class to maintain power. The post-Vietnam Democratic Party Establishment did abandon their principles and did abandon liberalism in the process.Also according to Marx, communism is morally better, even though it is just another ruse maintained by an economic force. They're indeed traitors to liberalism abroad, but not traitors to their country. I'm really getting sick and tired of being a Man Without A Party.

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