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He offered no explanation, and nor did the police officers who escorted her off the premises. On Robben Island, in the sea off Cape Town, Nelson Mandela was serving the second year of a life sentence for sabotage.

Even today, hers is a name with which most South Africans are familiar.Longtime friend Neesa Smith told the paper Williams called her before she called Penn Friday night."I asked her what was wrong and she said, 'I can't do it no more,'" Smith said.Smith said Williams told her both the boys were dead."I said, 'Call the police, Mora.The boys have apologized and were suspended for the last few days of the school year but Aina’s mother says that’s not enough.“The first step is remove the boys from the school, they can not be allowed to come back,” Aina’s mother said.But when Sandra was a schoolgirl, this aspect of genetics was unknown and there was no such thing as a DNA test.There was only the cruel and relentless gossip suggesting that her mother had had an affair with a black man.As for Aina, she says she’s looking forward to returning to school here in the fall. “I’m happy I moved and I won’t be leaving, but this is something that needs to be stopped because it has happened in the past.and turned it on says the woman called him by video chat Friday to tell him the children were dead.Her parents, Abraham and Sannie Laing, were white - indeed, as members of the Nationalist Party, they were fervent supporters of South Africa's apartheid regime - and yet their daughter undeniably looked black, with her brown skin and tightly curled hair.Her African features were almost certainly a throwback to an unknown ancestor whose DNA, having lain dormant for generations, had emerged in her.

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