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Until the age of 13, I, like most people, went to a comprehensive school.

There, I was most comfortable and indeed spent most of my time in the company of girls.

My name’s Olly, and I’m a 16-year-old from South Wales. I decided to write this, mainly because I feel it’s time for someone of my background, to speak up for a whole swathe of the young gay population, who right now, are effectively ignored and left to fend for themselves by the mainstream media, and the environment in which they grow up. I’m talking about going to an independent day/boarding boys’ school, and I’m trying to get across to those who’ll listen, what it means to try and grow up in an environment where, perhaps, the most active and healthy part of any young person’s life, their sexuality, is repressed, ridiculed, though for the most part, willfully ignored by teachers and adults in positions of authority around them.

I haven’t always been a student at a private school, which for now will remain nameless.

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I’ve thought about it more and more, and every time I do, it enrages me no end.

It’s something widely caricatured in popular culture, though is let me assure you, a load of nonsense. So conscious are most of the boys in my school of the abundance of males (and rarity of females), not to mention the homosexual stereotype, that they go over and above to assert their masculinity, an apparently quintessential aspect of which is to see whose ‘banter’ can descend to the deepest depths of homophobic, inane, misogynistic abuse. In any other context, namely one in which women are present – i.e.

real life – this would be abuse, though they refuse to see it as such, for who in an all boys’ school could possibly be offended or hurt in any way by this loutishness, when nobody who it affects is seemingly there to hear it? There aren’t many of us, though naturally, there are more than you might think, though we are forced to sit there in silence, and endure an endless torrent of homophobic abuse, most of which is invariably ignored by male teachers. Who knows, but who are we to turn round and counter a class full of rowdy, senseless boys on a testosterone high?

I don’t pretend that things are all rosy for gay guys in state schools, because they most definitely aren’t. But there can be no doubt that more is done, at least to make teenagers aware of the nature of homosexuality in the state system, than is done in the private sector, where it feels often, like the school has some kind of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy in place.

I just wish that the taboo of talking about all things gay could be broken, and that has to emanate from the example set by authority.

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