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Alan Chambers’ apology is historic, but apologies from others who left these pseudoscientific programs have not been able to stop the purveyors of “ex-gay” lies.

Exodus International is shutting its doors, but Exodus Global Alliance is still perpetrating spiritual violence against LGBT people around the world.

Cohen lost all credibility as a result of ethics violations.

Religious people who promoted ex-gay programs must bring the same fervor to saving our lives as they have brought to trying to separate our souls from our God-given sexual orientations and gender identities.

Around the world, effeminate boys and masculine girls continue to be tortured, raped and sometimes murdered with the tacit support of so-called “ex-gay” movements.

Spokespeople like Alan Chambers must step up and condemn these programs as well. Chambers is not the first “ex-gay” program survivor to come out and apologize.

Michael Bussee, founder of Exodus, recanted years ago and now spends his life working for equality.

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