Coppercliff dating brick facade updating

These censuses will only be available 100 years after the date they were conducted.

The following details for each individual are included in the 1851-1901 censuses: House numbers were rarely given in earlier census years, and in rural areas you will often find only the name of the village or hamlet.

Unfortunately, it is no more, either being torn down or burned down at some point before I had a chance to have a meal.

Randy’s Rec Room is a pub serving surprisingly good food and the service is top notch.

The town is split in two by the railroad, and crisscrossed by the tracks at an innumerable amount of locations.

Iroquois Falls isn’t right on Highway 11 – it’s about 15 kilometres away at the end of road 67.

Iroquois Falls was comprised of at least three communities – Iroquois Fall, Ansonville and Montrock.

Amalgamation has put them all together under one municipal roof.

I’ve heard that people come from as far as Kirkland Lake to watch the Eskies.

Iroquois Falls celebrates Paperfest in August and the Moby Pike fishing Derby in July.

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