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As of now, Garry's Mod ships with low-res replacement textures/models for essential games like CS: S so you won't be seing an error model for those.Your addon may have been copied from Garry's Mod 12 to 13. Garry's Mod 13 introduced a massive number of changes, most of which render addons created for Garry's Mod 12 incompatible with 13. You should report these errors to the developer of the addon, along with any information you can provide to help recreate the errors. Do not ask Garry to fix the addon, as he didn't create it.

These options are independent of Half-Life 2”s standard in-game graphics and difficulty settings, and can be selected in any desired combination.

After the Configuration Utility has been run, you do not need to run it again until you want to change a setting.

The Configuration Utility can be run at any time that the game itself is not running, and can be accessed using the launcher from the desktop or from the mod directory located at Source Mods/CSS SCI FI.

Users may also optionally choose to remove the 24 custom Counter-Strike: Source maps included in the original installation.

After uninstallation is complete, users may need to manually delete the CSS SCI FI folder from the Source Mods directory if it is not removed automatically.

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