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Margaret Bell, who kept bees in Leintwardine, about 7 miles from her home in Ludlow, Shropshire (England), died in June 1994.Soon after her funeral, mourners were amazed to see hundreds of bees settle on the corner of the street opposite the house where she had lived for 26 years.It was almost as if the divot had been removed with a gigantic cookie cutter, except that roots dangled intact from the vertical side of both hold and slab.There were no clues such as vehicle tracks and an earthquake was thought very unlikely.

The local press ran a photograph of the bees hanging on the wall in a cluster.It varied in intensity but stayed at a constant pitch of 7 k Hz.Hearing a buzzing in one’s ears is called Subjective Tinnitus; much rarer is when others can also hear the noise.A doctor suffered liver and lung damage, and bone necrosis. One hypothesis was that Ramirez, who had had cervical cancer, had taken a cocktail of medicines that combined to make an insecticide (organophospate) but tests yielded no clue.In April 1997, a turkey hunter in Yellowwood State Forest, Indiana, came upon a huge sandstone boulder wedged between three branches of an oak tree about 35 feet from the ground.The voices told her to ask for a scan as she had a brain tumour and her brain stem was inflamed.Though she had no symptoms, a scan was eventually arranged and she did indeed have a tumour.By 1992 it was a major road hazard all around the capital and it was claimed 1,800 motorists had died after losing control. When Jim Wilson’s father died in Natal, South Africa, in April 1967, both Jim, living in England, and his sister Muriel, living in Holland, were informed.Muriel contacted her husband who was on business in Portugal, and he flew to South Africa right away.Although the government has spent millions of dollars in research, no one knows what the goo is and where it comes from, or how to get rid of it.It first appeared in 1987 on the road from Caracas to the airport, covering 50 yards, and spread inexorably every year.

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