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" Asked Cydney "Tomorrow" answered Marissa "oh " said Cydney "How bout we get some coffee at Starbucks?Link Walkthrough Link Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim is the only game released by Topaz Shrine.But he’s not obviously a hard worker either – he’s pretty much always just hanging out in his office without any patients, and doesn’t really talk about his job with the protagonist.He’s generally pleasant to talk to, and seems happy (if a little puzzled) about the protagnonist’s miracle recovery.So, obviously, the rest of the game revolves around the protagonist seeking out true love in her town.(I’m going to start doing readmore’s to make my posts less obnoxiously long. )Sergio: Best Friend Type Sergio is, indeed, the protagonist’s best friend.Vittorio: Jerk Type It’s hard to label Vittorio a jerk, since he really wasn’t much of a dick and to the extent that he was the protagonist totally deserved it.

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" said cydney "No" answered Marissa "Then when is it?

As the game begins, the protagonist gets into a fatal car accident, but is given a second chance at life to prove she can find true love.

She is granted five weeks to find love, and if she succeeds will be able to go to heaven.

" screamed cydney and fell desperately on the ground The door smacked open "Cydney are you ok?!?!

" said Jason in shocked as he ran Toward Cydney and help her up and carried her like a princess to a chair in her house "Um Jason.." wispered Cydney "yes?

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  1. I'm not saying he's going to reach Miley's caliber of stardom, but he is definitely a person of interest right now. On a side note, I would die to know what Maria Shriver thinks of all of this.