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So I've been living here for almost three months now - three sweaty months. You know those moments when you are so wrong about life you start wondering if you have always been so stupid about every decision you've ever made? Unless you want to walk around like a clown because nearly every beauty product here contains some bleaching ingredient. Granted, I've only been here for about three months, but I can safely say that Thai men (most of them) are not interested in dating black women.

Aside from coming to terms with the fact that I spend most of my days feeling like a salty pork stick sold at the little markets, I'm slowly adjusting to other things that happen when you're in Thailand, and also what specifically happens when you are a melanin popping being. There is next to nothing when it comes to anything concerning black hair (and skin). So to all the melanin goddesses heading to Thailand, pack enough Dark & Lovely products to last you till your mom has figured out how to send you packages from back home. Before you get all cray, I've spoken to a few fellow brownies that have lived here for over a year and they can attest to this statement.

) guy down in the seedy sex tourism city of the south, but also married.

(Unless they are traveling with their significant other, but that’s a different breed of tourist.) Turns out, not only was this great (!

One night, laying together, I asked him if he had a wife or a girlfriend.

For a long weekend, we spent a lot of time together, going out, eating, drinking, canoodling.

The idea of black people being scattered around the world just doesn't register as a reality.

What's worse is that they also assume that black people cannot be a native speaker of English. The kind of questions that make you make you squint your whole face and ask Jesus to come down and take care of whatever this is.

All the stories seemed to center around Thailand’s notorious go-go girls, which many foreigners fell for (and lost considerable money in the process). There are some warning signs which I wish I’d recognized when I first met her.

I cannot name more than one or two men I have ever met here who have had sex with a prostitute while in Thailand.

Yes, it is a sweeping generalization, but I am keenly aware that Thailand gives men –either in or not in relationships — permission to act like sex crazed teens and while they can do whatever they choose, I’m not going to take sloppy seconds after some hooker in Patong. I much rather just go back to working on me and making myself happy.

I've even spoken to my director and she put things into perspective: Unfortunately, Thai people associate darker skin with poverty and lack of education. Who doesn't want to be from the land of mangoes and marula fruit?

The thing a lot of Thai people assume is that if you’re brown or darker you are from Africa.

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