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She now shares her new outlook on diet and exercise with her 482,000 Instagram followers.

She continued: 'I was never overweight, if anything under-weight.

Initially doctors struggled to find the perforation and were forced to remove Ms Allen's bowel and place it underwater so air bubbles would indicate where the hole was.'If my surgery had of been left any longer I would have died,' Ms Allen previously said.

Following the experience, she was able to recover and transform her body, and today she is passionate about health and fitness, and continues to share her story as a way to connect with others.'It was a cool way to connect and show other endometriosis sufferers who have been through surgery that they will be fit again,' she said.

I knew that better nutrition and a healthy lifestyle would help me anchor myself and would cause a positive change that would help me deal with my anxiety.'I was very embarrassed by my lack of exercise fitness, and I didn't want anyone to see me struggle, so I refused to go to the gym.'Instead of going to the gym, Robin decided to get fit within the comfort of her own room at university until she was body-confident, then would move on to a local woman-only gym.'This has completely transformed my life.

It's given me a sense of self and value,' she said.'I feel strong and confident in myself.

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