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We never post profiles without permission from the client, so the ones featured on our site represent only a small sampling of TMA's Japanese women clients.

The vast majority prefer not to appear on the web, so we distribute their profiles discreetly by postal mail and email only.

If there's a mutual interest between a man and a woman, they can arrange to meet. Every month we send you a new set of women's profiles.

Likewise, we'll send you the photos & profiles of hundreds of Japanese women.We distribute your profile discreetly by postal mail and by email (as a PDF file) so it's not necessary for your profile to appear on the TMA website.Since 1994 Transpacific Marriage Agency (TMA) has specialized in introducing Japanese women to Western men for dating, romance, love and marriage.After you look over the profiles, let us know which ones you're interested in.We'll send them your profile and, if any are interested in you, they'll give signed authorization to release their contact information to you.At the same time as you're requesting to contact women whose profiles you've seen, other women whose profiles you haven't seen yet will have received your profile and possibly requested to contact you.We'll send you the profiles and contact information of all the ladies who want to meet you. The more attractive the ladies find you, the more contacts you'll get.It has always been our aim to provide the most effective service at the lowest possible price.We keep our costs low and pass the savings on to our customers.If you're interested in any of the women whose profiles you've seen, you can request to contact up to 8 of them on our Free Bonus Offers page.After you become a TMA member, you can request to contact as many as you want.

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