Dating fatigue tired of dating

Now, that doesn’t mean tolerating bad behavior but it does require a level of conviction, clarity and commitment. If your answers don’t line up, it might be a good idea for you to take a break, get out of the dating pool and do some work on yourself to prepare more effectively.The fact is, results don’t lie and you may not even even be aware you’re self-sabotaging.Everyone can understand why it’s a mistake to do your grocery shopping when you’re starving.

) will continue to hurt others as well as themselves. Are you willing to get beyond tit-for-tat games and horse-trading arrangements where everything is “fair” or even?

Depressed people will find a reason to be depressed.

Happy and grateful people tend to seek out and find “what’s great” anywhere they look.

Your journey is going to be one of healing or hurting, and it is primarily determined by your own emotional growth and consciousness. Will you still find a way to love even when you are hurting, or disappointed, or maybe even angry?

A true love that stands the test of time is about two people who both commit to doing what it takes to put the needs of their partner first and find a way to love no matter what.

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