Dating giving up

I'm not sure what it is about Millennials, but we sometimes seem almost offended when a complete stranger talks to us.I'm about to blow your mind right now: Did you know that when a stranger talks to you, 99 percent of the time, he or she is harmless and just interested in your response? It could be as simple as commenting on an item the good-looking stranger is eyeing in the grocery aisle. Remember when we used to send those dorky notes to our crushes at school? Pick yes, no or maybe.”We would create boxes for our objects of affection to check off accordingly.Approaching people in person is actually pretty f*cking scary.We've grown accustomed to formulating the perfect opening line, with the ability to delete, redraft and edit until we're finally ready to press send.If you don't look approachable, you'll never be approached.It's amazing to realize we could literally start a new dating revolution by engaging without words.We've grown accustomed to not facing rejection square in the eyes, leaving us with the power to conceal our emotions.We've grown accustomed to disappearing off the face of another person's earth, simply by ghosting reality and running from communication.

But even through the sour pouts, make sure to smile and give off good eye contact and body language.

We can't just turn around and walk away from someone whose heart we're breaking.

We're accountable for what comes out of our mouths, and we can't make edits to what's already been said. Aside from the drama that sometimes came with the breakup, meeting people and talking to people we were interested in was a lot easier.

These are things we can't get away with face-to-face.

We're accountable for our actions in the real world.

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