Dating in langley british columbia

It is described as being 40 ft long, a snake like body, 3 humps, flippers and a horse like head.Many Cryptozoologists believe that Ponik may be a abnormally large sturgeon or a thought to be extinct dinosaur called a plesiosaur.Numerous expeditions have not turned up any evidence to prove the existence of any large animal in the lake. Lake Memphremagog on the Vermont-Quebec is the home of Memphre'.This lake monster has been sighted as far back as the 1800's.The types are in condensed versions below: Tizheruk, also known as Pal Rai Yuk, is a large snake like creature that inhabits the waters off of Key Island, Alaska.

Witnesses reported that the ship struck a eel like animal that was about 30/40 ft long and dark colored.

In 1973, the Kuranda, collided with a giant jellyfish that was estimated to have weighed 20 tons.

The Captain of the Kuranda, Langley Smith, estimated the tentacles length to be over 200 ft long.

Sightings of this hump-backed creature date back to the 1800's.

It has been witnessed by my locals whose reputations are without question.

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