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Players included: Scott Elliott, Jay Sagar, Mark Kurtz, Beau Eyster, Jamie Jennie, Matt Pacinelli, Mike Lassman, Brady Nemeth, Hamilton Pollard, Ted Annos, John Wilkinson, Drew Searl, Chris Rowland, Geordie Reynolds, Jeff Jordan, Mike Spiker, Jamie Lassman and David Foote. The boys had many successes against Unionville and Upland, including a great game with the Lower Merion Ashbee team, coached by cigar smoking, Norm Treinish and Peter Samson.

Nathan Weidwald was a new and valuable addition to the 7/8 coaching staff in 1999.1995 High School Honorees All-American: John Wilkinson, Jeff Trench, Hamilton Pollard (PA) North-South Game Invitee: John Wilkinson First Team DE All-State:* John Wilkinson, Jeff Trench, Ted Annos, Ed Swiatek, Kiadii Harmon Second Team All-State: Drew Pacinelli Hon Mention: Pliney Reynolds Wilmington Lacrosse grew to four teams in 1996.Irene Annos and Lea Vidlak volunteered to help Mary Jane and me with the growing admin duties.Unfortunately, during this particular game, Chris Newlin’s arm was badly broken.Drew Searl’s dad, a medic during Vietnam, rushed to Chris who was going into shock, while an ambulance was called --- Chris recovered and went on to play for his very strong Tatnall HS team the following year.Rick continued to coach for over twenty seasons, retiring in 2012, and then returning in 2013 to run a Kindergarten Clinic, when his son was old enough to play.Mark Seiffert coached the 61994 saw a couple of changes. No matter how much we urged families to always listen to the LAXLINE, at least one family would inevitably travel to the wrong field or to a cancelled game! Bill continues to be involved with the Delaware Lacrosse Foundation, even though he lives in Baltimore. Players on this team included Brian Mason, Peter Pacinelli, Tony Coleman, and Matt Titone. Skip continued to coach with Rick until he stepped back in 2012 --- returning in 2014 to coach his young son.UD Coach Bob Shillinglaw recommended Sean and he proved to be very capable of corralling these 24 boys. For our first home game, Mary Jane lined the field at the A. Later in the season, as the boys were warming up to play Unionville on the A. Du Pont field, the Westover Wildcats showed up to play!Somehow we played a baseball game and a lacrosse game on the same small field at the same time ---This was a particularly athletic team of boys, many who went on to play at the college level.Players on this team included: Chris Rowland, Chris Newlin, Ed Swiatek, Mike Spiker, Drew Searl, Geoff Trench, John Wilkinson, Jeff Jordan, David Fotte, Ted Annos, Hamilton Pollard, Kiatii Harmon, Drew Pacinelli and Jamie Lassman.There were a number of players from these first two years who went on to play in college: Scott Elliott/Amherst, Chris Rowland/Dartmouth, Drew Searl/Syracuse, John Wilkinson/Cornell, David Foote/Roanoke, Ed Swiatek/Western Maryland, Hamilton Pollard/Penn State and Jeff Trench/Shanandoah College. Paul Kutyfaris, a recent Penn State grad, coached the 7/8th grade team.

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