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I know the coot has had a health scare, and I know I should feel bad for typing this but for fucks sake!

Please, please no more mentions of Clare fugly Balding. Funny you should mention Clare Balding as I was only wondering today whether she's a top or a bottom."Perhaps you can post a picture of yourself on here - so we can personally attack your looks - because I have a funny feeling you're not so flawless? Mwahhhhhh XX I am neither Jane Hill, her girlfriend, a relative of hers or her PA (I doubt she has a PA! As for your comments below: I cannot think of one good thing she's said about anyone she's not fucking or would like to fuck! The internet is her enemy - she should stay off it so as we don't discover what she's really like. As for her girlfriend as long as she can hold an intelligent conversation, has a GSOH and doesn't use language of an offensive nature like yourself than I think I would rather her company to yours. In my experience, the word 'stellar' is only used by pretentious BBC types, and I’ve worked there as a freelance so I should know *wink Look, you're obviously hurting and in denial, being so defensive and all. Go and have another drinky and count your blessings; or kick the dog or something. In reply to that comment: Now who is being negative and sneering down your hooter in a very condescending way towards everything and anything you think you're better than is not my idea of a 'sense of humour! Clearly, therefore, she only owns 3 smart jackets, two dowdy skirts and a few pairs of old fogey 1" slingbacks. I know she wants me - she's fighting it......arrhhh ohhh arrhhhhh ! Fuck me with a pencil - how the hell can you get turned on by this!? For someone who doesn't give a fuck, why sit here writing essays on the woman? What some women will do to have their pussy licked eh.... Someone should tweet her and advise to come read the masturbation thread.Go and have another drinky and count your blessings; or kick the dog or something. Can't kick the dog as don't own one - personally, I think dogs smell and leave hairs all over the place. It's worse than Jane Hill's faux posh accent ie sticking unnecessary 'r's all over the shop. To Jane's attacker - I'm none of Jane's business, friend, or someone she knows. Go onto google com and type in: "Jane Hill and Sara (partner)" and "stonewall awards" click to search on images.Also, sometimes those in the public eye only "date" the opposite sex for their public persona and it's a fake relationship, while those who really know them know what is going on.Most of us who identify as lesbian are NOT gold star lesbians. Perhaps maybe some of the younger lesbians nowadays are, but most lesbians I know that are late 20s, thirties, forties or older dated men when they were closeted. In fact, it's been my experience that there are more closeted lesbians than you may think. As I don't live in the UK they are not ordinary for me.Actually, I don't think he's a twit at all....'However, before discovering Sapphic contentment, Jane stepped out some years ago with Strictly Come Dancing winner Chris Hollins.The BBC Breakfast presenter remains good friends with Jane, I am told' Here's the reat of the artivle and 76 daily Mail responses to get your teeth into "English women have a sexy voice."Huh?Unless it's an annoying Cockney or a bizarre regional accent, so clearly you have no clue what you're talking about. What most Americans are hearing on BBC News are semi posh accents, certainly not annoying British yokel accents!I think Jane looks fab, especially at the BAFTA - so gorgeous - and she has a great sense of humour. I would hate to be a fly on the wall when those two are fumbling around with each others vaginas. Personally whether she is or not is her business as far as I am concerned. I thought at first they had issues sharing but no... They just don't seem at all interested in having a relationship of a sexual/intimate nature. I don't think she smokes but is obviously unaware of the damage drinking does to the skin.In a funny way I'm a bit jealous as they seem to have very contented, un-dramaish lives. Looking at her skin in HD I'd say she has some alcohol every day or every other day - it's so ageing.

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  1. This is only exacerbated by the emphasis on physical attractiveness created by online dating profiles. “How Couples Meet and Stay Together, Wave 3 version 3.04.” Machine Readable Data File. I have been using online dating sites for several years now.