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Breaking bread with others is supposed to be fun, yet it is often a tense dance of social etiquette with multiple glassware and a seating plan.

My general rule of thumb is that if you are having a good time, stay, and to hell with the consequences; and if you aren’t having fun, leave. Dear Graham My wife and I have been happily married for 27 years – at least that has always been my view.

Dear Graham Is it acceptable to leave a dinner party by 11pm, even if the coffee or the cheese hasn’t yet arrived?

I have had raging arguments with my husband about setting a time limit.

I get worked up if he gets home late or doesn’t answer his phone but I can’t bring myself to ask him directly what is going on, as I fear he will tell me a white lie to get me off his back. It sounds like your husband has had some sort of crisis of faith, so surely it’s not unreasonable for you to ask him about it.

I get the impression from your letter of an almost entirely silent home where you just observe your husband’s behaviour and try to decipher it. If he lies, then at least you know your suspicions have some foundation.

I feel almost as if she wants to end our marriage and is using this fantasy as a way to blame it on me – but then I may be being paranoid.

That way you don’t just abruptly end the evening midcourse because your host knows they are working to a schedule.

If she really wants to keep this family firm going then she must battle on; but if none of the other family members care, then why bother?

The loss of her mother obviously means that she is grieving – but she needs to separate that sadness from the unhappiness she is feeling in the rest of her life. Either everyone starts working together to keep the business going or she shuts it down.

He believes it’s rude of guests to leave early; I believe it’s rude of the hosts not to respect busy working lives, having to get up early in the morning, etc.

And if you have to make your excuses, what counts as a good excuse?

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