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Besides the obligatory discrepancies between photo and reality :-), the nice email conversation turned into a somewhat awkward real life conversation pretty soon. told me ‘He kept on asking me whether I had a secret I wanted to tell him.And to tell you the truth, I didn’t know what to make of it because he kept repeating it from time to time.’ ‘Well, I guess he wasn’t satisfied with your answer,’ I responded, instantly thinking of course, that he was waiting for an answer reflecting the implied sexual reference in his question.But my friend P., God love her, didn’t even think about such a thing.🙂 So, when he finally woke up, she decided to call it a night and they agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning.And with a little kiss on the cheek, she was on her way back home.Just what are you looking for in a new companion and possible future partner?Following years of marriage, you have changed, times have moved on, the dating scene has certainly altered.Next morning, right at nine, her phone rang and Mr.Unhappy said ‘Well, I guess we both realize that there wasn’t much of a connection and I had planned to at least get some action coming down here.Their over zealousness may require you to politely request them to mind their own business.Initially, as a widow you may feel guilty about even thinking of another possible partner.

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