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He placed Hrane Gautske (Hrane the Geat) as Jarl of the land between Svinesund and Göta älv.

In these territories the people accepted Erik as their king.

Åke answered that there was nothing to blame Erik for but that he had got the old things and the old hall because he was old whereas the Norwegian king was in the bloom of his youth.

Åke also answered the he was no less the Swedish king's man than the Swedish king was his man.

When Harald learnt of this, he pursued the Swedish king until they saw the Swedish king, but then they had arrived at the border of Götaland and considered it best to return.Relationships between historical figures could have been simplified or even fabricated in the text to give the impression that succession remained within the same family….Precise chronology is also difficult to assess from the Sagas….But the soft Swede loves well the fire The well-stuffed couch, the doway glove, And from the hearth-seat will not move.The Gauts (Geats) did not accept this and assembled their forces.He then spent the summer forcing Viken and Raumarike to accept his rule.When the winter arrived Harald learnt that the Swedish king was in Vermland, after which he crossed the Ed forest and ordered the people to arrange a feast in his tribute.Harald then spent the rest of the autumn killing all the Swedish king's men in Vermland.In the winter, Harald plundered and burnt in Ranrike.When King Harald Fairhair arrived at Tunsberg (in Viken, and at the time a trading town) from Trondheim he learnt of this and became very angy.He assembled the ting at Fold and accused the people of treason after which some had to accept his rule, while others were punished.

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