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About 80 nations signed and ratified the new treaty. administrators were implicated in a scam where food aid was used to force girls and women into servicing peacekeeping troops and local businessmen.Since the Palermo Protocols, prostitution scandals involving United Nations peacekeeping troops and defense contractors have been plentiful. Another issue arose in 2002, when a Dyn Corp employee testified to Congress that fellow workers stationed in Bosnia had bought girls to keep in their homes as sex slaves.Children are also vulnerable to trafficking when their families' socio-economic situation is dire.Girls are more likely to be sold into bondage because in many societies, parents often choose to invest in their sons because sons are seen as more valuable. Human trafficking helps perpetuate the forced labor participation and global poverty.Today, sex trafficking is still prevalent and booming.However, trafficking for forced labor makes up one third of all trafficking occurrences; victims go to the agriculture, construction, fishery, manufacturing, and textile industries.

In the 19th century in the United States, rape was common on southern plantations by masters.Israel took advantage of the demand for European women that brothels were big money makers.The New York Times and Dateline NBC both did stories on Israel's sex trafficking business.In the height of the Roman Empire, one in every three persons was thought to have been a slave.Men were used as laborers, while women and girls were used for enjoyment purposes. During the 13th century, when the African slave trade was in full swing, women slaves garnered a higher price than men both because of their reproductive value, but also because they were sex objects as well as servants.Since antiquity, conquered people were forced into slavery and were taken to the victor nation.These people were given new lives of servitude, as servants or sex slaves.In Japan, corporations began offering all expenses paid sex tourism excursions to Taiwan as a perk to their executive personnel.After the Soviet Union fell, the demand for sex slaves boomed. This was the first time since the white slave trade of the 19th century that huge numbers of Caucasian women were bought and sold for the purpose of sex.There are vast media campaigns which are designed to be informative to the public, as well as policy makers and potential victims.In various countries where legislative measures against trafficking are still in their infancy, these media campaigns are important in preventing trafficking.

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