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Even after their breakup, which was reportedly "very drawn out," Dunham did an Instagram Live video where she revealed she'd always wear the ring he gave her because "love is a really cool, powerful, eternal thing. Another report said the person Antonoff had moved on with was also a musician.It doesn't have to be defined the way, we in Western culture, define it as beginning and ends."She also posted this inspirational quote on Instagram: reported that Antonoff—best known for being in the bands Bleachers and fun., and for collaborating on music with the likes of Taylor Swift and Troye Sivan (as well as dating Dunham)—was already seeing someone else. And now the internet has done some sleuthing to deduce who Antonoff's new girlfriend could be—and everything's coming up Lorde.You get a few points for asking your ex if it’s okay. From the way you describe it, you can go out with her friend! Your friendship with your ex will never get off the ground—at least not until you stop dating her friends.And perhaps more importantly, you’ll be shunned and given skeezy asshole status by her protective posse of friends (as you should be), which means that minus her one rogue friend who’s actually dumb enough to go out with you, you’ll never date anyone else in her circle—or even six degrees of her circle.If this is the case—and it's purely speculation at the moment, but the internet, as you know, always keeps receipts—it wouldn't be too surprising.After all, both Antonoff and Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O' Connor) have been open about their affection for each other, at least in the musical collaboration sense.All you’ve said about your ex’s friend is that you find her attractive and you’re interested.“Interested” is not enough of a reason in my book to breach the Golden Dating Rule.

But don’t fool yourself into thinking there isn’t more at stake here than just asking out the friend of a friend.

Going out with this girl is insensitive strategically stupid.

There are, of course, probably a few women in the world who really wouldn’t care, and maybe your ex is one of those women. Swim in a different dating pool if you really value a genuine friendship with this woman.

Honestly, the relationship had been over for a while, so by the time the breakup actually went down, it was pretty friendly; we still talk all the time.

She’s got a friend I’ve always found really attractive, and recently the friend mentioned to my ex-girlfriend that she’s interested in me too.

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