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Which is true, but who is thinking of Farrah as a former member of Destiny’s Child these days??She’s the only former member w/o a significant history w/the group; she shouldn’t mention it unless it’s referenced.It starts off as they all do; Patti and staff watch the client’s taped bio and remark & snark.Farrah states her occupation as singer, songwriter, mogul—and former member of Destiny’s Child.

Not the best episode I’ve seen (I’ll give that to Zagros & Teal), but the star power didn’t hurt.

(Also questionable: The fact that Franklin has a million dollars in her bank account, but that’s a different blog post.) And what do you know?

Nine years after being booted from the group for missing major concert dates, Franklin is .

Currently, she is single and has not married anyone yet.

Farrah Franklin was arrested by police outside of an Atlanta-area gym.

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