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He didn't think there was anything I could do about it. I have never heard of the muscle getting so thin from an implant or just getting thin in general.

I would think with exercise that it would have built up your muscle.

The problem is that I live in the Peten area (jungle area) of Guatemala. I am concerned since the nerves have been cut in the chest area, how will I know how much exercise I should do. Still I would take it very easy for now with a drain in don't want to over do it and damage that drain or pull it out any.

The implant was done by a US surgeon when he was here for one week. Do some lite everyday things around your home but nothing that uses yoyr arm and chest muscles to much.

8 years ago I had breast cancer, mastectomy, expander, and a silicone breast implant on one side.I hope this helps you and please talk to your doctors and find a pt person to help you out with your exercises for your chest so you don't hurt yourself and or the muscle any further.Have a great day angel hugs Roberta, Thanks Roberta. Since there is no medical help here, I am looking to Web MD to advise me. Hello again, Ok now I am getting the picture better it makes it much harder now to figure out something for you to do.Like maybe go from your arm at your side to your arm resting on a table.I know it sounds like you aren't doing anything but you are.Another thing she had me use much later like a year after all my surgeies was a rubber band type thing and I had to hold it in both hands and stretch it out and then release and stretch again for a count of 5 and worked up to 20.Boy that one was hard but it got my arms back chest a lot stronger for sure.I would be very careful of what you do as not to make the muscle weaker or tear it.You do not want to over do it to soon and damage things in your chest.How can my pec be in such bad shape when I do the shoulder and chest exercises!Am I really using my pec muscle or I am I compensating with another muscle?

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