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For example, if Eccky is not sufficiently fed, users will see this in Eccky’s hunger meter.In worst-case scenarios, an Eccky can be neglected, physical and emotionally, to the point of needing to be sent to the hospital.Since June 2007, Eccky also features an in-game chat functionality.Eccky and users can also exchange text messages via mobile phone.Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond its mere trivial mention.If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted. Until 2009, it was an MSN-based life simulation game in which two people work together to create and raise a virtual baby.Eccky won the 2005 Spin Awards for Innovation and for Best Interactive Concept.Eccky was created in August 2005 by Dutch developer Media Republic in association with MSN in the Netherlands.

Eccky initiates conversation either randomly or to express any particularly pressing need he/she may have (i.e.Eccky’s physical and emotional states are subject to continual change, determined by 180 dynamic variables, and are influenced by the interaction with and treatment by users, both via the virtual world and via the chat.The levels of these physical and emotional states are continually assessed and are made visible to users via meters that gauge happiness, hunger, toilet needs, popularity, who Eccky’s favorite parent is, etc.being extremely hungry, having to go to the bathroom, being very sick, feeling neglected, etc.) Eccky’s vocabulary is initially limited to newborn babble.Then, as with a real child, Eccky’s command of vocabulary grows with each day of gameplay, to a final capability of being able to respond with over 60,000 unique answers on more than 4,000 diverse subjects.In the first version of Eccky, two users create a virtual baby, and raise him/her with the goal of making the child as happy and satisfied as possible.A user fills out a questionnaire with information regarding their personal characteristics, child-rearing attitudes, favorites, etc.Most games are intended to be played with users playing against their Eccky and vice versa. Of note are the racing games, some of which allow users to create their own tracks and race on them with Eccky.Though most games are free to play, some games require additional credits to play.Eccky used an AIML chatbot and MSN Messenger for chat between users and the Eccky baby.In 2006, Eccky became an independent company as a subsidiary of Media Republic.

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