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Repairs to Printers, Monitors & Most Home Computers £15.00 per Hour Plus Parts C Carriage Collection Service £15.00 Extra - Educational X do.

TEL SELL your Public Domain, games, magazines, computers, and peripherals through Amiga Power.

AMIGA AND ST * Eight different types of fighting vehicles modelled so that you even see the mm' * Vfl Abrams.

Wat Chmg/ptaying football Watchmg/playtng other sports Going to the movies Watching TV Readmg comics Rtdmg bikes Buying/listemng to records Going to see bands Going to pubs Going to ciubs Other (please name it!

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No snow forecast, in fact heavy rain later this week.

How often do you buy AMIGA POWER Subscriber Every month withoul fad Most months Every now and agam This ts the first one I've bought 22.

Anything else you'd like to tell ue Thank you for your lime.

Shaun H Lee (eds), Sustaniability in Energy and Buidlings, Springer, Berlin'Direction dependent power curves for wind power prediction: a case study' , Khalid & Savkin, AV , Prof.

, In: Graeme Hodge, Valarie Sands, David Hayward and David Scott, eds.

Where do you live SE England SW Engtand Midlands Northern England Scotland Wales N Ireland Rest of the world 20.

O.s payable to;- CLTIMATE COMPUTER CONCEPTS 19 Woodside Crescent, Sidcup, Kent DAI 5 7jj Kempston Computer Systems 88B Bedford Rood, Kempston.

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