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The first is file security - here you can select the data you want Laptop Lock to delete if you flag up your laptop as stolen via the web interface.Choosing the files and folders is very easy, and you can select to securely delete the data, so that data recovery tools can't access it.What Gadget Trak does have over Prey, however, is that the reports are included in the email while Prey only offers a website link.The reports themselves are very good though, with Wi-Fi-based location (again pretty accurate), and webcam support.

You'll receive email updates about your laptop, with a reassurance that 'Safe Recovery Team is pursuing the recovery of this machine'.

First impressions of Prey are that it has a professional and good-looking interface that manages to easily eclipse Front Door Software.

When launching the software for the first time, you're required to set up how Prey sends you reports - either via email and web, or email only.

Once closed, any thief would know it was being tracked and wipe the laptop and reinstall the OS. You can identify important files you don't want to lose and when you flag your laptop as stolen, My Laptop GPS uploads those files to a location on the web, emails you a link, and then deletes them from the laptop.

Though My Laptop GPS has GPS in the name, it relies on the much less accurate IP address registration to locate laptops.

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