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However, Bono, Edge and Larry’s involvement with Shalom later caused friction within U2, as the non-believing Adam felt that the latter three’s more devout friends were trying to make them prioritise their faith over the band.The three believers did eventually leave Shalom, as they felt that the group was trying to force upon them the false assertion that a commitment to rock n’ roll and a commitment to God were mutually excludable principles.Since then, Bono’s Christian faith has played a big role in his life, but in a way that has largely been free from the influence of the mainstream church.

Patrick’s, not being happy, and basically they asked me to leave.” This was largely a result of the young Paul throwing dog feces at his Spanish teacher, which subsequently led to his enrollment in 1972 at Mount Temple Comprehensive School, a controversial establishment that was Ireland’s first co-educational, non-denominational high school.

On the 20 Elevation and Vertigo tours, Bono became a more low-key version of his late-’80s onstage self, seeking to educate audiences politically and spiritually as well as to entertain.

ACTIVIST Bono has long been involved in a variety of causes outside of U2.

From this point onwards, Paul’s home life became considerably traumatic.

Despite his father’s attempts to hold the family together, Bono claims that he and Bob Hewson “didn’t get on very well.” As a result, father and son never enjoyed a particularly close relationship.

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