Gridview rowupdating in asp net c

To cancel the update operation, set the collections, if necessary, before the values are passed to the data source.

A common way to use these collections is to HTML-encode the values supplied by the user before they are stored in the data source.

Raising an event invokes the event handler through a delegate.

When I Filter the data using dropdown selected Index Changed event the gridview shall load data based on what is searched.

One note will be helpful for you, while describing Columns in Grid View if you are using a boundfield then create objects of the control using cells[index] in the rowupdateing event of Grid View, but if you are using controls itself like Label or textboxes etc then use Fincontrol("stringid").

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[Comp Dev_Update]( @Comp ID int, @New Dev Count nchar(10) = null, @Development Name nvarchar(255) = null, @City nvarchar(255) = null, @State nvarchar(255) = null, @Zip Codeof New Dev nchar(10) = null, @Project Status nvarchar(255) = null, @Shopping Center nvarchar(255) = null, @Project Start Date float = null, @Project Description nvarchar(255) = null, @Proposed Anchor Tenants nvarchar(255) = null, @GLA nchar(10) = null, @Est Comp Date float = null, @Developer nvarchar(255) = null, @Business Unit nchar(10) = null, @BU nchar(10) = null, @Center Name nvarchar(255) = null, @MSA nvarchar(255) = null, @Brixmor MSARank nchar(10) = null, @Count nchar(10) = null, @Region nvarchar(255) = null, @Distancefrom New Dev nchar(10) = null ) AS BEGIN -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from -- interfering with SELECT statements.

The Grid View control supports the following features:use Row Editing, Row Updating, Row Deleting, Row Command, Row Data Bound, Row Canceling Edit, and Pagination in a Data Grid.

However, now I am all confused and lost with the Grid View. In the code below I have shown how you can extract the new values from the textboxes inside the Grid View.

Once, you got the values you just need to send them to the database.

After searching long and hard I found a great article that solved my issue.

Take a look at the page load if you are binding on post back then the values get updated before you are able to access them.

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