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The study found that a majority of users are between 18-50 years old, with 29 percent using Grindr and 16 percent using Scruff however, the study doesn’t give those polled an option to select more than one dating app option.

The present study entailed conducting a content analysis of 1,434 ads/profiles posted on one of the most popular "Men who have Sex with Men" (MSM) websites that specifically fosters unprotected sex.

Most surprising of all is that 43 percent of users have not met anyone they met on the app in person within the last month; 24 percent state they physically met only one person they met online within the last month.

Unsurprisingly, 45 percent of users said they prefer a date but will go with a hookup if it seems right, while 24 percent of users solely look for hookups.

A study conducted by found interesting data pertaining to gay mens’ dating and hookup app habits ranging from how often they send pictures of their genitals to how many users actually meet and/ or hookup with in a single month.

The study consisted of asking 4,000 gay men, over the course of four weeks, to fill out a 19-question online survey centered around a general premise; how do gay men act on an app?

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Many factors have been identified, including the belief that engaging in unprotected sex is an expression of individual choice [4,5], the belief that engaging in unprotected sex is an expression of masculinity [6–8], the perception that AIDS antiretroviral drugs have made HIV/AIDS less of a health concern now than in prior years [9,10], a fear of being rejected sexually by partners who dislike condoms [10], the belief that sex is more pleasurable when condoms are not used [11–13], feeling “burned out” by worrying about becoming HIV-infected [9,12], and feeling a greater sense of emotional connectedness to sexual partners with whom one had unprotected rather than protected sex [13,14].

The most surprising figures show that 83 percent of the 4,000 gay men polled in the study have sent pictures of their penis to another user, with only 17 percent saying they don’t send those types of pictures.

Around 76 percent said they respond honestly when another user asks them about their penis size with only 3 percent saying they exaggerate their size.

Generally speaking, gay/bisexual men who advertised online for partners with whom they could have sex while high expressed the greatest interest in risky sexual behaviors (e.g., felching, unprotected oral sex, unprotected anal sex) and various risk-related preferences (e.g., multiple partner sex, anonymous sex, eroticizing ejaculatory fluids).

This is especially true when they are compared to their heterosexual/"curious" counterparts whose online profiles were not as likely to indicate a desire for having sex while high.

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