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“Awareness increases reporting, increased reporting leads to more young people getting help, so we are gratified to see this special series give voice to a vastly underreported issue.

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Radio Rookies conducts intensive workshops where young people learn each stage of the radio production process from conducting interviews and recording audio to writing narrations and editing.

“CRUSHED” reveals how silence, power, and control are dynamics that can permeate relationships even when the partners do not live together, how such relationships can affect everything from self-esteem to friendships to school performance, and how parents and guardians rarely know how to talk about the distinction between healthy and abusive relationships.

All “CRUSHED” stories are available at and full descriptions are below. ” a first-person audio diary spanning two years that documents Rainy's process of separating, reuniting, and separating again from her older, abusive boyfriend, will air nationally on the acclaimed public radio show and top I-tunes podcast “This American Life,” over the weekend of September 19 and 20.

She’s afraid to actually speak with her sister about her concerns, but winds up having their first open and honest conversation about it on tape.

“Seeking an End to Cycles of Abuse” Destiny Mabry was one of the one in three New York City teens who report being verbally and emotionally abused by a romantic partner.

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