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Miranda toured with Chris Young - pictured here together in September 2013 - two years ago in 2012, but rumours that their friendship had turned to romance only emerged earlier this year Sources confirmed to TMZ that it was just not Chris who motivated the divorce because Blake was tipped off about 'certain information' relating to the second man, which 'elevated things in Blake's head from rumor to fact,' the website claims.As guest editor for the June issue, Miranda gushed: 'We're building a new house, and I've been saving inspiration on Pinterest.The couple, who tied the knot in 2003, first announced their separation in 2012.With Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom being the type to write love letters to one another -- and Bloom being the kind of romantic who would frame them -- we definitely did not see their 2013 breakup coming.Madonna's four-year marriage to Sean Penn was one of the wildest rides of the '80s, and that's saying something, but we agree with her words after their divorce in 1989: "I do believe we all have soul mates," she told People magazine."I don't believe that we necessarily end up with them." After their split, both Madonna and Penn moved on to new relationships (several times).Fans were shocked by the news that country's reigning royal couple were divorcing after four years of marriage and a decade together.Shelton said that he and Lambert purposely kept their breakup a secret and that by the time they broke the news, the deed was done.

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According to People magazine, Arnett filed for divorce in April 2014.The couple, who have one daughter, Coco, have remained friends.When "Milkshake" singer Kelis caught Nas' attention at an afterparty for the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, the artistic couple quickly became the hottest pairing in hip-hop.Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have a long history together.In fact, their fans were heartbroken when both decided to split.Lachey even wrote a song about their passion -- that would be "My Everything" -- and then he and his new bride signed up to film their love for an MTV reality show called "Newlyweds." But instead of finding "happily ever after," Lachey and Simpson found grounds for divorce in 2005 after three years of marriage.In 2001, every teenager with access to MTV and Teen People wanted to find the Britney Spears to their Justin Timberlake (or vice versa)."It's definitely not anything I'm through," she said of her breakup in March 2014."I'm going through it, but I'm not (over) it." And while she put the divorce proceedings on hold in 2015 to support him through his health crisis, she refiled in July 2016."We were very young, and it was wonderful," Kravitz recalled in 2013, 20 years after their marriage came to an end.Now, "Zoe's mom and I are best friends," Kravitz said.

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