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He was the new kid in school, and we thought it might put him on the map. I don’t know if my daughter will get the bug or not. I rarely raise my voice, so when I do, it gets their attention. I try really, really hard not to fight the petty battles. You don’t want to be your kid’s best friend, but showing them some vulnerability gains their trust. If they’re going to a ballgame, or a sleepover, they can take it with them and call us. We’re going as slowly as we can with the technology, which is hard. He is shy, so we sort of forced him to audition for a musical in middle school. Even our mothers, who were very loving, still had sort of a distance. We don’t hesitate at our house to tell each other how we feel. It can really take over, and instead of trying to block out time for it, we said, “We’re not going to do video games at home, but you can play them at your friends’ houses.”There’s one phone that they share at the house.When I was growing up, I was kind of a jock—a basketball player. My wife has a master’s degree in acting from New York University. She also has a great voice, but she doesn’t know it yet. We always form a united front no matter what, and then we work it out later. When you feel like it’s important, make sure they hear you. We’re starting to leave them at home alone during the day, now that they’re 9 and 11. It’s a great time to raise kids, but technology can make it tough in some ways.

I got some of the interior fixed up because it was falling apart.So I did sales for six years and stumbled into acting after college when a friend suggested I join a community theater. You kind of avoid playing parents for as long as you can; once you start playing a dad, then you’re playing a dad for the rest of your life. It’s a pretty fun choice.” Recently, for whatever reason, I have done a lot of faith-based, family-oriented films, and it has been a lot of fun. My television son, Nick, is a teenager whose 15 and always bucking authority. That’s not the case with my children, who are polite and kind and just a lot of fun. I couldn’t come up here for four months and not go home every weekend. “They had painted it a weird maroon, so I found some original ‘66 colors that had that turquoise and off white now, which is really much cooler,” he says. “I wish it had the old bench seats, they’re really expensive and they’re hard to find in decent shape. “Even the dome light still works, the heater works,” he says. “The Audi with the old toggle switch, and it’s hard to zoom in and out.“The radio doesn’t work which is a bummer, but I don’t want to take it out because it’s an original, so I’ve left it in there and I just don’t have a radio.”Instead of the car’s radio, Denton uses a Beats Dr. “I just throw it up on the dash and use that with the Bluetooth and it’s plenty,” he says. It’s fun to drive.”He’s owned other hybrids before, like the Honda Civic and the Toyota Highlander, but he didn’t find that they did well enough to be worth it. Both my wife vastly prefers the Lexus navigation, but that’s my only complaint with the Audi. Love, love, love it, but my wife stole it, my wife drives it all the time,” Denton says, laughing.“I don’t have to go to work everyday like most people, so I’m lucky that way, so when I was on ‘Housewives,’ I drove it to work but I only lived 10 minutes from set,” he says.“It’s pretty much a daily driver, but luckily I don’t have a commute so I don’t put many miles on it.”Denton bought the Ford, which has the gear stick on the floor, from a mechanic, who put a different engine in it. But he had a giant bumper on the front, he used to push cars around, so I had to get that cut off with a torch,” he says.Now of course you have to use some muscle,” he says, with a laugh.“It’s hard to steer, but that’s no problem for me.”He drives it mostly for errands and hauling things when needed, but because of its age, he did ship it when he moved from Los Angeles to Minnesota.You drive a pretty good bit.”Denton said nobody had Jeeps back then, especially the one his mom had.“I don’t know why she bought it, just on a lark she saw it somewhere and bought it in ’76, the Bicentennial, and then I turned 16 in ‘79 and she let me drive it,” he says.

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