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These days, Kuala Lumpur’s skyscrapers seem far more famous than their architectural predecessors.See a side of Kuala Lumpur often forgotten by visiting the grand colonial buildings of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building (the former offices of the British colonial administration) and the old Kuala Lumpur Railway station.2012 saw the launch of ‘Go KL’, an excellent public transport initiative which brought four free-to-ride bus loops (‘Go Relax’, ‘Go Work’, ‘Go Sightsee’ and ‘Go Shopping’) to the CBD.

Kuala Lumpur is characterised by its tropical climate, resulting in warm, humid days all year round.

The city is nestled in a valley, shielded from the east by the vast Titiwangsa Mountains.

Here, just inland of the bustling capital city, you’ll find hectares upon hectares of rainforests and nature reserves.

Flight prices are indicative, based on passenger numbers and may vary dependent on your individual flight dates.

Prices were found by customers on the date in the right hand column labelled "Last Search Update" and may vary. From its humble beginnings as a tin mining outpost, Kuala Lumpur has become a bustling metropolis with alpha city status.

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