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Apparently Trump still hasn't forgiven Comey for making him president.

–Conan O' Brien"A senator made history this week by breastfeeding in the Senate Chamber.

See Also:• Funniest Donald Trump Memes• Latest Donald Trump Jokes• Craziest Donald Trump Quotes• Best Donald Trump Cartoons May 10, 2017"Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had nothing to do with the firing of FBI Director James Comey. After hearing this, Melania Trump said, ' I would kill for one of those letters.'" –Conan O' Brien"It's come out that in the days before the Comey firing, Donald Trump would often scream at cable TV.

Other people are saying he's being fired because of the Russia investigation.In a related story, Fox News has finally found its replacement for Bill O' Reilly." –Conan O' Brien"In her testimony, Sally Yates said she warned White House officials about Mike Flynn being compromised by the Russians.Yates also tried to warn Mike Pence, but every time she entered the room he yelled, ' Out, temptress!No, here's the milestone — we have apparently elected a president who truly does not care about what anything looks like.Which is surprising for a guy whose actual face we've never seen." –Stephen Colbert"Firing Jim Comey, head of the FBI, really feels like Authoritarianism 101.While I say Comey is being fired because Donald Trump is crazy! This is the kind of thing reality TV hosts do, they fire someone every week." –Jimmy Kimmel"Maybe that's what happened, he thinks he's still on ' The Celebrity Apprentice.' It was between James Comey and Meatloaf, and, well, the Loaf won again." –Jimmy Kimmel"One reason they gave for firing him is because he mishandled the Hillary Clinton email situation, which is hilarious because that would mean Trump fired James Comey for making him president." –Jimmy Kimmel"We've seen a lot of unusual stuff, but this is outrageous." –James Corden"Donald Trump, who maybe you haven't heard is president now, a few hours ago fired James Comey, the director of the FBI — which is kind of like O. firing Judge Ito halfway through the trial." –Jimmy Kimmel"He fired the director of the FBI while the director was investigating his people for possible collusion with Russia. When something outrageous happens, I don't just sit on my hands, I do something about it.' Get your feet up, he won't know I'm in here! For real, he thought it was — which makes you wonder what kind of friends he has." –Jimmy Kimmel"Yesterday when the Comey firing happened, White House 'stress secretary' Sean Spicer was about to leave for his Navy Reserve duty.'" –James Corden"We're starting with what might be the most shocking episode of ' The Celebrity President' yet. speaking to a group of FBI agents and they had the TV on. And he didn't want to answer questions, so he hid in the bushes outside the White House. Sometimes you've got to stop and smell the Rose Garden, you know?"–James Corden"Think about that for a second — a grown man hiding in the bushes from doing his job.That's like when I hide in the gym toilets to avoid my personal trainer.

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