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The dates - the course - the haunted destinations - the famous and not-so-famous ghostly restaurants - they've all been researched and approved. LADIES LOVE TAILDRAGGERS HAUNTED FLYING TOUR September 30 – October 6, 2018 JOIN US FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK OF GHOSTLY FLYING FUN!

I’ve had a 150 for 3 years now and I need something bigger faster, preferably a tailwheel. We ended up with an excellent bonanza that never went on the market because our mechanic was able to directly connect us with the seller. We found a mechanic who specialized in the specific aircraft we wanted to buy first before ever looking at aircraft.It was a blast, and the ILS approaches from Katelyn were [email protected] LOVE TAILDRAGGERSI had the privilege of working with Sarah Ellerman Dickerson with emphasis on STOL operations.I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why an rarely came up with an answer.It's official - there will be a Ladies Love Taildraggers Haunted Flying Tour this year!! Don't say "gosh, I can fix this or that or fix it up". Unless you don't want to fly it and own a project/flying project..Also the Vintage Aircraft Association Chapter 16 has a wealth of knowledge that can help you through the buying process. Any mechanic familiar with the early 150 should be capable to easily spot damage in the gear boxes.For those that choose to begin on Day 1, our “Ha...Sarah & Jim Dickerson are based at KGPH, Midwest National Air Center Airport, Mosby, Missouri. My love story starts with my love affair with aviation - I was bitten by the bug as a preteen, and was determined to become an airline pilot. MISSING PERSONS- On February 22nd my fathers plane went missing after leaving Grand Junction Regional Airport around 10 am on his way to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It wasn’t a taildragger, but I loved this so much I just had to share...

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