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Police have identified the club owner as Lebanese business man Maurice Geagea.

A local physician who performed illicit abortions for the abused women was disqualified from medical practice by the Lebanese health ministry.

One in five refugee households has a woman in charge. I live in a tent with 10 people – we are three widows with our children. The landlord won’t wait [for payment] so sometimes I have to beg.

I was fainting inside the police station.”Syrian women in Lebanon continue to suffer at the hands of sex traffickers who exploit their vulnerable position as refugees.

Amnesty recently interviewed 77 refugee women from Syria in Lebanon.

I felt really disturbed and upset, because the general view of Syrians is that we are cheap.” Governments worldwide have promised financial support to overwhelmed host countries like Lebanon, but it just isn’t enough: In 2015, the UN only received 57% of the funds needed to support refugees in Lebanon.

Many of the women we met either had their monthly UN food support payment stopped, or substantially reduced to just US.60 per person.

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