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Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.Just because your teen turns 18 doesn't mean he's ready to move out of the house and live on his own.Just because your teen has a driver's license doesn't mean she necessarily has transportation skills.Teens need to know how to get from point A to point B.That may mean knowing how to navigate through rush hour or understanding how to use a GPS.Of course, not all teens know how to drive nor have a driver's license.

Here are the basic life skills teens need to gain independence from their parents: Don't assume that just because your teen made it through school he'll be able to hold down a job.

In those cases, it's important for your teen to know how to use public transportation.

And if there's a chance your teen may need to travel for work, or she plans to leave the state to go to college, knowing how to navigate an unfamiliar city is important.

With each new goal he attains, he'll gain confidence in his ability to reach even loftier goals in the future.

All the academic skills or athletic talent in the world will only get your child so far in life.

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