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That's how e-commerce work if you have stock in amazon or ebay which I happen to have 15 percent goes to the company I use to sale my products and the rest is mine because it's my product so the same thing like yours ebay provide you a customer and they have a little percentage of shares.Jasmin has to change or you have to change and the best choice is don't let them take advantages of you better let go.

We are in a big business we shouldn't t hit very bad on the ground if that happen then they are called abusive and if you kept working and accepted it then we says you were like being abused and the excuse is you have no choice of course you have either you live with it or just leave them because in my prediction one day they will realized that model is not a tool for their business.

So, the total effort goes to your pocket might be a little lower 2-6 percent profit from your total gain.

Livejasmin is good for model who have plenty of time from 6-15 hours work if you are on a schedule that might very hard to reach the goals you will need 100 USD to jumped up 5 percent and every goals has amount so if you work one month take away 4-5 days if you have monthly period that's take away your advantages to earn more income.

I am investor a businesswoman but I want to enjoy earning another business to earn more money.

I can afford to buy anything I want but I don't like spending it even for vacation I rather to look at my stock jumping up and earn more so earning is very difficult.

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