My boyfriend have been dating 3 years international chinese dating

Last weekend when I slept over at his place we had sex and then at some point I fell asleep after we had finished.

Well, I woke up a while later because he was having sex with me. He told me he was really sorry and he thought I had been awake.

Since news of Lauer's firing, at least seven other women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct.

The now-disgraced former Today show host has been mostly holed up in his apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan while his former model wife stays at their Long Island mansion.

Lauer is known to be a frequent customer at Donahue's Steak House, a whiskey bar across the street from his apartment.

Neighbors told Page Six they see Lauer there at least three nights a week – but he's on his own.

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Lauer and Roque were married less than a year after they met, but it was a tumultuous union, according to Page Six.

When Roque sought to divorce Lauer years ago, Lauer reportedly offered her million in cash to remain in the marriage.

The image-conscious Lauer made the cash offer because he was reportedly so concerned about how a divorce might be perceived by his audience.

After news reports emerged suggesting that Lauer partied hard in Canada, Roque reportedly was so angry that she and her husband began living separately.

Since 2011, Roque and her three children were reportedly living in their home in Sag Harbor, while Lauer stayed in Manhattan during the week.

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