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If you take me on a private Skype date a few times a month and give yourself that kind of a treat, you and I will be developing a regular relationship which will very much benefit us both. Some of my regulars have been urging me to do this for awhile. The quality of the video is FAR better than using a cam-chatroom.I look forward to meeting those kind of people at my cam-chatroom. Of course, you have me all to yourself and can “direct my performance” as you like and explore what you really enjoy with me.And, you can take whatever time you want and can afford and we can focus on each other to the exclusion of any other visitors or guests in my cam chatroom. If you “found” me through the cam-chatroom and want to take me to a private SKYPE session, you tip me there through their system.My cam chatroom company is entitled to their half of the money you pay for me. Their website, their collection system, their protection both to YOU as well as for me.If you cannot tip, then pray, asking your Higher Power to send someone to tip me because when I am tipped I get more and more wild and when I reach my CUM GOAL I put on a performance that keeps getting hotter until I finally CUM. NO begging, pee, feet, poop, rudeness, shouting (ALL CAPS), spam, demands I watch your cock, show my face, give you free private chat, or a free private skype show, or accept tips via paypal. It is very rude NOT to tip or to make demands on me without tipping first.As I get more tips I get warner and wetter and wilder. Such demands get you kicked out of the room by moderator. Girls more experienced than me tell me that (a) some guys enjoy the private show then cancel the payment to you from paypal right afterwards, with no appeal allowed, (b) Paypal on finding out (and they always do) that you are doing any “sexwork” then cancels your account and keeps the money, (c) even discussion of this gets you banned from my chatroom because you are trying to CHEAT the nice people that give me the platform for my work/fun. I hate begging and don't tolerate it and only rude DEMANDING is worse.*This gives me the chance to meet so many new and interesting people every week.

If you are a friend of mine from OTHER sources (ie.Remind constantly that you can link up with me at twitter Jema Bel and I do send pix of me there as well as PERFORMANCE ALERTS and other photos – over 2500 photos at this point – plus over 1000 pix labeled “favorite” for convenient one-click access.Check my blog where I sometimes write & show more pix of my adventures here plus I have now setup a twitter feed to get access to all the pix I post to twitter (though it is far easier to get to them via twitter): It is easy enough if you like what you read and see to have me become your regular, online girlfriend.It is far less expensive than any “real life” messenger, twitter, etc.) at some future point I’ll have another way to collect your fee for the private “consultation” (performance) but for now we “meet” at my cam chatroom where you pay and then we play. I make people happy while waiting for a few generous people to step forward and give me a tip.I enjoy what I do but this is my work to make some sideline income so, if you are able to tip (you can buy tokens) I appreciate that, and if not, I expect courteous behavior and no demands on me, no begging, no trying to “negotiate” for free service. It is exhilarating and contrary to what some dummies try to convince me of, getting paid to cum is a turnon and those who tip are sexy and smart, those with no money and claiming a big cock, are both stupid and a turnoff. In fact, as soon as someone starts boasting of the size of his cock my years are hearing “I am SOOOO stupid.” Get out. A tip is when I trust you to pay me after I have done my work for you or to motivate my sexy behavior to get more explicit tip me in advance and THEN tell me what you want.Those who give me generous tips and especially when they visit me regularly are encouraged to volunteer as ROOM MODERATOR. I will be grateful to you if you can help me like that.Here’s what I’d like you to do as a MODERATOR for me, to help maintain a happy, cheerful cam chatroom for me where we can all stay focused on my helping visitors enjoy their time with me instead of dealing with crazy people, zombies and mischief makers.1.And ladies don’t’ lie: a Big O always puts you in a better mood and gives you a happier outlook on life, than not. You can think of me as an “internet consultant” who just happens to use her pussy, derriere and titties for her work, along with my sensuality and attitude to please.Unlike yahoo messenger or other “one to one” fora, there are several major benefits to a chatroom for both you and for me. You can either tip me at my cam-chatroom and I will take a look or, my Service is available when you take me on a private SKYPE session.

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