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The saving grace through all of this has been Amazon's no-questions-asked return policy :) These were all brand-new motherboards.

The PSU is still a person of interest in this case, naturally.

Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?

I used to be able to adjust it on the fly, but ever since I got this 4th board, it automatically goes back to 100 every time I click 'Apply.' It was fun to adjust this on-the-fly for are your digi power settings like? LLC: Level 7 CPU VRM Switching: Auto CPU Power Phase Control Extreme CPU Power Duty Control Extreme CPU Current Capability: 100% CPU Power Thermal Control: 120 DRAM Current Capability CHA CHB 100% DRAM Current Capability CHC CHD 100% DRAM Switching Freq CHA CHB Auto DRAM Switching Freq CHC CHD Auto DRAM Power Phase Control CHA CHB: Extreme DRAM Power Phase Control CHC CHD: Extreme That makes the PSU a prime suspect for me....

I can't rule out PSU 100% without another one to try, but let's assume that the PSU show no signs whatsoever of errant behavior.

(I have them set to 1.225 and 1.2375, respectively.) I cleared CMOS, and voltages are normal again. I feel like it's a matter of time before I lose my 3rd 5820K, which I really don't want to, as it's a wonderful overclocker, happy to run [email protected]

Signed, Worried in New Jersey That is a whole lot of bad luck! Have you considered shining a spotlight on and interrogating your PSU?

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