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Jake then angrily talks to his wife, Celeste (Lisa Thornhill), who actually sent Clarence to take the pictures.

The majority of the guests go outside to sing Christmas carols while Aaron is confronted by his stalker, the woman whom the caterer fired.

Veronica approaches him, and Duncan tells her about his problem.

Duncan tells Veronica that his computer contains some private information regarding their past relationship.

Kristen Bell (Couples Retreat) Percy Daggs III (Izombie) Teddy Dunn (Jumper) Jason Dohring (The Originals) Francis Capra (Heroes) Ryan Hansen (2 Broke Girls) Kyle Gallner (Smallville) Enrico Colantoni (Flashpoint) Alona Tal (Cult) Michael Muhney (The Young and The Restess) Max Greenfield (New Girl) Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy)It is almost Christmas break at Neptune high.

Veronica tells Duncan (Teddy Dunn) that Meg (Alona Tal) is pregnant, and Duncan says that he already knew because of the letter he got previously. Meg says that her parents want to give the child up for adoption and don’t want Duncan to have a say in the matter.

Veronica takes a vote, and the vote is 11 innocent, 1 guilty.

Keith interrogates another member of the Sheriff’s department but gets nowhere.

After deducing that the pumpkin probably has something to do with a halloween encounter or incident, Keith goes to the caterer of the party Aaron was at that day.

The caterer tells him that Aaron was having an affair at that party.

The next day, Veronica talks to Sean, who tells her that he thinks that Weevil stole the money.

Keith talks to Aaron, who admits to the affair and says that it was with his agent’s wife, Monica Hadwin (Emmanuelle Vaugier).

Veronica frets about Duncan’s diary before Veronica comes up and makes a deal with Logan: He will host another poker game so Veronica can determine who the thief is.

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