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As you manage your investment portfolios, PORT will help you leverage Bloomberg’s vast securities database to analyze your portfolio’s current and historical characteristics.

PORT displays standard Equity or Fixed Income fundamental metrics, such as P/E, yield, duration, and credit quality—and allows you to integrate your own custom data.

News that affects your portfolio Staying informed about breaking news is critical to success.

Access Bloomberg’s ever-expanding news content—fed by more than 60,000 sources, including global press releases, broker research and blogs.

Portfolio Integration Bloomberg’s portfolio performance, characteristics, risk and trade simulation capabilities can be driven by turn-key integration with custodians, fund administrators, and other portfolio data sources.

This seamless combination offers clients of third parties sophisticated portfolio management and analysis tools along with the power and flexibility of the Bloomberg Terminal for news, analytics, charts and execution platforms.

Portfolio Optimizer Solve for complex, multi-faceted investment management strategies using Bloomberg’s Portfolio Optimizer.

Tracking error Enrich your investment strategy by understanding the risk factors that affect your portfolio versus a benchmark.New rateable values for business rates on commercial property that came into effect in April will impose a £909.9 million annual tax increase for offices, according to an analysis of government data by CVS.The figures are likely to increase pressure on the government to abolish the staircase tax, which business leaders and politicians warn will hurt many thousands of small companies.This article has been amended to take account of a correction.Businesses with offices in England and Wales are facing a £4.5 billion tax rise over the next five years, even before the full impact of the contentious staircase tax is taken into account.Monitor your intraday performance in real-time and quickly link to the news currently trending on your portfolio holdings.Aggregate characteristics Analyze the fundamental characteristics of your portfolio and how it compares with a benchmark as of a specific date or as a time series trend.Evaluate which scenarios would be best or worst for your portfolio and drill down into your portfolio holdings to identify which sectors and securities are most impacted.PORT’s fully integrated portfolio construction tools help you to perform analysis of the impact of hypothetical trades on your portfolio’s fundamental and risk characteristics in real time.Additionally, Bloomberg’s Global Portfolio Integration team receives data from over 100 different third-party data providers within the industry for the Portfolio & Risk Analytics solution.To submit a portfolio data integration request, email us at [email protected] indicate your interest along with a contact name, phone number and email address.

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