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” He also posted a flashcard highlighting the vulnerability of every home.Prithviraj was more evocative when he said “…every mother, sister, wife and child is just one lonely evening away from a 1000 lit candles at Marine Drive.In fact what Priyamani said was sensible, and it did help trigger the outrage from others.Among the rest of the actors who followed suit, Mammooty was rhetorical.In his Facebook post, Mohanlal wrote: “Let’s unite and decide that we shall never let anything like this happen to women around us.If we come across any women who need help we should come forward and help them.Prithviraj Sukumaran is an Indian film actor, producer, and playback singer best known for his work in Malayalam cinema.He has also acted in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films.

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Fazil's screen test of Prithviraj prompted director Ranjith to cast him in Nandanam, Prithviraj's first film, a 2002 romantic drama film.It’s a no brainer that celebrity endorsement is great not just for consumer goods and services and commercial ventures, but also for social causes.However, these one-off litanies are too transient and might help only to add the predictable roundness to such outcries.Instead, to be more effective, what the stars can do is to reflect deeper and see how they can reduce their own complicity in perpetuating the anti-women attitude of Malayali society.Malayalam films and their stars are among the biggest purveyors of misogyny in Kerala.Prithviraj, who has been in the field for a shorter duration compared to his seniors, too has said reprehensible things against women on screen.These dialogues that target women as subservient to men clearly betray power, sex and violence.Prayers to departed souls” Mammootty’s son and one of the rising stars of Malayalam cinema, Dulquer Salman was brief when he tweeted: “Appalled and saddened by the brutality.If our women and children are not safe from our men then what is??Unfortunately, the writers who script these patently anti-women and violent lines and celebrate Malayali machismo are backed by both the stars and movie-fans.Some of them even masquerade as advocates of women’s rights and have cult-followings.

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